Ship Plans of U.S.C.G. Mackinaw, The Queen of the Great Lakes

free ship plan USCG icebreaker Mackinaw, U.S., Coast Guard
U.S. Coast Guard Icebreaker Mackinaw

Built specifically for service on the Great Lakes, when Mackinaw was launched, she was the most powerful icebreaker in the world.  She went on to a 62 year service career, becoming an icon to the Great Lakes mariners and residents of coastal towns that depended on her to clear a path through the lakes’ thick ice.

When she was decommissioned, she became a museum ship in Mackinaw City, Michigan.

free ship plan USCG Icebreaker Mackinaw, U.S., Coast Guard
Profile Plans U.S.C.G. Icebreaker Mackinaw

Our Mackinaw plans page offers six ships plans: outboard profile and inboard profile, upper deck plans, lower deck plans, cross section plans, ships lines plans, and shell expansion plan. The Mackinaw would make a beautiful scratch-built ship model, and at a large scale, an impressive radio-controlled ship model of the “Queen of the Great Lakes.

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