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New Book Available: Ancient and Modern Ships Part I

For the Marine Historian or Model Shipbuilder

Ancient and Modern Ships Part I by George C. V. Holmes

Offers Insights into History of Wooden Ships

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Ancient & Modern Ships by Sir George C. V. Holmes

Created for the Board of Education of South Kensington Victoria and Albert Museum in 1906, and authored by George C.V.Holmes, Ancient and Modern Ships is a two volume set offering a dated, but useful reference on the history of various cultures’ maritime heritage. This is Part I, which covers Wooden Sailing Ships.

We have republished this book in its original form, maintaining original pagination. We have meticulously optimized each page, but due to the deterioration of the original book that we scanned, there may be some spots where reproduction is less than the clarity of a newly-published book. We feel this is an acceptable compromise to present the book to readers in the format in which it was published.

Photo Gallery of Historic Lumber Schooner Wawona

Once Numerous, West Coast Lumber Schooners Rare

Documentary Photographs of Now Disassembled Schooner Wawona



photograph bow drydock lumber schooner Wawona
Bow view of the historic lumber schooner Wawona

From the scores of wooden three-masted schooners built in the 19th and early 20th centuries for service in the West Coast lumber trade, the schooner Wawona was one of only two known to be preserved when she was surveyed by the Historic American Engineering Record in 1986. She was dismantled in 2009.

Our gallery of photos of Wawona, perhaps the last documentary photos available of this historic lumber schooner, are high-resolution and downloadable.

These photos are invaluable to the model shipbuilder planning a model of a West Coast lumber schooner.
Charles Davis, The Building of a Wooden Ship