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  1. I will gladly play it forward to Model Shipwright BUT I am not sure on how to join the Model Shipwright and how to download the plans. I do not see any download bubble for the plans. I see a bubble to download “from DOC to PDF” but not the plans. Clue me in.

    1. If you left-click on the plan image, it will open the full-size plan file. Then right-click on that larger image, choose “Save image as” and select the location where you would like to download the file. Most of the plans are in GIF format, which can be opened with an image editing program such as PhotoShop. Or, you can download the file to a removable USB drive and take it to a copy store such as Staples that has a large format printer.

  2. I came across you web page after an extensive web search after viewing the making a radio controlled “Gloucester Fishing Schooner” on YouTube.
    I am a woodworker and I also sail and I would like to attempt to create one of these beautiful model, but I have not been able to find scale plans.
    Can you help me?

    A reply would be greatly appreciated

    Major H. E. Richardson
    U.S.A.F/MC (ret)

  3. Sir,
    Greetings from India.
    Thank you for such a wonderful sight to the eyes and mind, for an old seafarer. Am looking for Dhow plans, ready to print CAD files, in 50 Cm LOA. Both clinker or carvel builds. A lifetime of desire to build a Dhow !
    Wish you a safe and good season. Warm Regards, Nagesh

  4. Hi,
    I am trying to contact you with a query but your ‘Contact Us’ section is malfunctioning – it only displays code, not an email address.
    I was trying to establish if plans for the French ironclad Le Redoubtable were in the republished volume of plates from Souvenirs de Marine or your republished volume 3 from that work.
    Many thank
    Paul Williams UK

    1. It’s not in the three volumes I have, and I can’t find her in the Atlas du Genie Maritime that was hosted online by the historical service of the French Defense department.

    2. Thank you, also, for the heads-up on the contact page. I removed the plugin that powered the old page, but forgot to turn on the new page!

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