Coast Guard Vessels

U.S. Coast Guard Vessels

Protecting the United States from the Age of Sail to modern times

William Doughty 51 Ton Revenue Cutter 1815

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William Doughty 51 Ton Revenue Cutter

A tutorial on scratch-building a solid hull model of a 19th Century revenue cutter.

We offer free full size cutting plans and extensive photos showing the process of turning a solid block of wood into a model ship hull.



U.S. Coast Guard Cutter White Sumac

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U.S. Coast Guard cutter White Sumac


The U.S. Coast Guard cutter White Sumac was originally constructed as a yard lighter (YF416) for the United States Navy in 1943. This class of vessel provided logistical support to naval operations during World War II. Following the
War, the Coast Guard acquired eight of these vessels to use as buoy tenders.

U.S. Coast Guard Icebreaker Mackinaw

free ship plan USCG Icebreaker Mackinaw, U.S., Coast Guard
U.S.C.G. Icebreaker Mackinaw

When she was launched she was the most powerful icebreaker in the world. She served more than 60 years on the Great Lakes.




U.S.C.G. Cutter Fir

U.S.C.G. cutter Fir free ship plans, USCG, Hollyhock
U.S.C.G. cutter Fir

Designed a National Historic Landmark U.S.C.G. cutter FIR is the last surviving tender built under the U.S. Lighthouse Service.

U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Acushnet

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USCGC Acushnet

U.S. Coast Guard cutter Acushnet began service during World War II as U.S. Navy salvage ship USS Shackle (ARS-9). During her long career with the coast guard, she served as a tug, oceanographic research vessel, and medium-endurance cutter.



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  1. Being a native of Acushnet, Mass. I was interested in Acushnet’s history. As far as I can research, Acushnet means “The meeting place across the water’ in local indian dialect. Please correct me if I am wrong as that is what I told the Captain when I met him in Ketchikan several years ago. He award me with a 4 inch patch. My question is “Why was the ship named “Acushnet”? What is the sig-
    nificance of the name to the Coast Guard?

    Thanks for any info.

  2. I am looking for a set of plans for coast guard cutter Smilax, the ship that replaced the Acushnet as “Queen of the fleet”

    1. Thanks for visiting
      Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find plans for Smilax from any of my sources.
      Good luck with your search, and if you’re successful, please be sure to update us with photos of your project!

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