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Selected Plates from Souvenirs de Marine now available!

More than 130 ship plans

from François-Edmond Pâris

Souvenirs de Marine

François-Edmond Pâris, Souvenirs de Marine, ship plans, French
More than 90 plates featuring more than 130 ship plans are featured in “Selected Plates from Souvenirs de Marine.”

Our book on the work of François-Edmond Pâris is now available! Our book “Selected Plates from Souvenirs de Marine” contains more than 90 plates from Souvenirs de marine. Collection de plans ou dessins de navires et de bateaux anciens ou modernes existants ou disparus avec les éléments numériques nécessaores à leur construction.

More than 130 ship plans are included ranging from ancient vessels to late 19th Century. There are warships, merchant vessels, fishing vessels, and small craft from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the U.S. The plates are indexed by plate number, illustrated vessel type, named vessel, and by country/region.

The book also includes an appendix “How to Read a Ship Plan” to help the novice understand the lines used to illustrate in two dimensions the shape of a three-dimensional ship.

The book is also available now on Kindle and should be available on Amazon sites worldwide within a week.

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New Free Ship Plans added to Oar-Powered Vessels

Due to the popularity of our plans pages for the Ancient Trireme and the Gokstad Viking Longship, we’ve added two new ancient ship plans to our Oar-Powered Vessels page.

Both of these plans come from  Atlas du Génie Maritime, a treasure-trove of ship plans in the archives of the French Le Ministère de la Défense.

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Ancient Galley

First is the plan of an Ancient Galley. This ship would have plied the waters of the Mediterranean during the Classic period of history under the command of a captain who may have held allegiance to any of the major sea powers of the era, from the Greeks and Romans all the way up to the Medieval period and beyond. Galleys were in use well into modern history, due to their ability to maneuver in shallow or becalmed waters.

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Sultan’s Caique

Or next addition is a Sultan’s Caique, which would have been used to transport Turkish leaders during the late Ottoman Empire. These vessels were opulent in their luxury, befitting the rulers of the largest superpower in the Medieval world.

Either of these plans would provide the basis for a beautiful ship model for the scratch-building model shipwright that was well outside the possibilities available through model ship kits.

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