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120-gun French Warship Montebello

French 120-gun ship Montebello

We have been getting a lot of requests for plans of a ship of the line, so here’s a page featuring the 120-gun French warship Montebello.

Built in 1812, Montebello had a career spanning more than 70 years before she was finally scrapped in 1889.

We offer a massive 10 ships plans for Montebello, including lines, inboard and outboard profiles, deck and accommodations plans. If you are a model shipwright looking for a masterpiece project, this may be the ship model for you.

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Free Downloadable Ship Plan for French Cargo Vessel “Mekong”

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Accommodation Plan French Tanker Mekong

Looking for an interesting ship modeling project from the modern era? You can find all the downloadable plans you need to create a model ship on the page for the 1928 French cargo vessel ‘Mekong.’

There are high-resolution TIFF files with the ships lines, section, profile, accommodations and deck plans.

Keep an eye out as we add more Free Ship Plans!

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