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Free Plans U.S.C.G. Cutter Acushnet U.S.S. Shackle

U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Acushnet serves 67 year career

That began as U.S. Navy salvage vessel USS Shackle

Decommissioned in 2011, she was the only World War II vintage vessel still in Coast Guard service

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USCGC Acushnet, last World War II vintage cutter, decommissioned 2011.

U.S. Coast Guard cutter Acushnet began service during World War II as U.S. Navy salvage ship USS Shackle (ARS-9). During her long career with the coast guard, she served as a tug, oceanographic research vessel, and medium-endurance cutter.
We have a complete set of Free Ship Plans for Acushnet/Shackle that include profile, deck, accommodation, lines, and shell expansion plans.

Free Ship Plans of U.S.C.G. Cutter Fir

U.S. Coast Guard Cutter FIR, WLM-212

Designated a National Historic Landmark

Unaltered Cutter Represents Foundation of Modern Coast Guard Buoy Tender Fleet

U.S.C.G. cutter Fir free ship plans
U.S.C.G. cutter Fir, underway. U.S. Coast Guard photo

Designed a National Historic Landmark U.S.C.G. cutter FIR is the last surviving tender built under the U.S. Lighthouse Service. She was originally used to service and maintain lighthouses in the Puget Sound and along the Washington coast. The FIR remained largely unchanged, and as such “represents a largely unheralded workaday-aspect of the lighthouse service, as well as the seafaring foundation from which the modern Coast Guard’s buoy tender fleet evolved.”
Fir’s keel was laid on January 7, 1939, and she was launched just over three months later on March 22. She was commissioned by the U.S. Coast Guard on October 1, 1940. She was decommissioned in 1991.
Check out the Free Ship Plans of U.S.C.G. Fir.