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Free Ship Plans of U.S. Navy Cargo Ship U.S.N.S. Comet

A Revolutionary Cargo Vessel

C-3 Cargo Ship U.S.N.S. Comet

Had Stern Loading Ramp Allowing Vehicles to Load Under Their Own Power

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C-3 cargo vessel U.S.N.S. Comet was the first vessel of her kind.

The first of her kind, U.S.N.S. Comet was designed for roll-on/-off loading of wheeled cargo such as military vehicles. Her keel was laid May 15, 1956. The ship was launched July 31, 1957, and delivered January 24, 1958.

Our page of Free Plans of U.S.N.S. Comet includes body plan, sections, deck plans, and inboard and outboard profiles.

Free Ship Plans of Spanish Navy Mine-laying Vessel

Spanish Navy Mine-laying Boat also Transported Torpedoes

Spanish name “Barcaza para Embarque y Fondeo de Minas y Transporte de Torpedoes”

Translates to “Barge for Shipment and Anchoring of Mines and Transport of Torpedoes”

free ship plans, Spanish, mine-layer
Spanish mine boat showing cargo of torpedos

This 1950s Spanish naval vessel was used to transport mines and
torpedoes, and also worked as a mine-layer.

The smaller size of this boat would make it suitable for a larger scale ship model, especially a radio-controlled model. The hard-chine hull would make scratch-building a model easier as well.

Check out the free ship plans for the Spanish navy mine-layer.