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Free Plans U.S.C.G. Cutter Acushnet U.S.S. Shackle

U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Acushnet serves 67 year career

That began as U.S. Navy salvage vessel USS Shackle

Decommissioned in 2011, she was the only World War II vintage vessel still in Coast Guard service

u.s. coast guard, cutter, acushnet, uss shackle, world war II, salvage vessel
USCGC Acushnet, last World War II vintage cutter, decommissioned 2011.

U.S. Coast Guard cutter Acushnet began service during World War II as U.S. Navy salvage ship USS Shackle (ARS-9). During her long career with the coast guard, she served as a tug, oceanographic research vessel, and medium-endurance cutter.
We have a complete set of Free Ship Plans for Acushnet/Shackle that include profile, deck, accommodation, lines, and shell expansion plans.

1933 French Cargo Vessel Golo

French Cargo Vessel Golo

Typical Example of Inter-war European Cargo Ship Design

With Added Armaments Added as War Loomed

free ship plan, French, cargo, vessel, Golo, merchant marine, World War II, body plan
French cargo vessel Golo

The years between World War I and World War II were an interesting time in merchant ship design. Steel steamships had finally supplanted sailing ships, and naval architects were shaking off the old “knowns” of ship design and trying to find the limits of the new technologies with which they were working. The result was a fleet of ships featuring the beautiful lines of the bygone era powered by the most modern propulsion methods.

Toward the end of this period, as war loomed on the continent, designers began adding defensive armaments to these ships in a precursor of later U.S.-built “Liberty” and “Victory” ships. Our Free Ship Plans of Golo present a typical example of these late inter-war cargo vessels that is a small enough size that would make a nice scratch-built radio-controlled ship model.