U.S.N.S. Comet a Revolutionary Cargo Vessel

U.S.N.S. Comet First Roll-on/Roll-off Cargo Vessel of Her Kind

C-3 Cargo Ship Had Stern Loading Ramp Allowing Vehicles to Load Under Their Own Power

First Deep-draft Ocean Going Cargo Vessel To Offer Self-Loading

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C-3 cargo vessel U.S.N.S. Comet was the first vessel of her kind.

The first of her kind, U.S.N.S. Comet was designed for roll-on/-off loading of wheeled cargo such as military vehicles. Her keel was laid May 15, 1956. The ship was launched July 31, 1957, and delivered January 24, 1958.

free ship plans, cargo, vessel, ship, U.S.N.S. Comet, Navy, stern
A stern loading ramp allowed wheeled vehicles to self-load on the U.S.N.S. Comet

Built of riveted and welded steel, she was designed by the U.S. Navy Bureau of Ships and the Maritime Administration to carry fully-loaded self-propelled wheeled or tracked vehicles, and able to load and unload them through a ramp in her stern and four side loading ports. A series of internal ramps allowed the vehicles to be moved under their own power or towed into the holds.

More traditional kingposts and booms along the main deck also allowed additional loading through deck hatches.

U.S.N.S Comet was powered by two boilers generating steam to drive geared turbines that turned twin screws. A single deckhouse positioned nearly amidship comprised the entirety of the superstructure.

free ship plans, profile, USNS Comet, C3, cargo, vessel, ship, U.S., Navy
Profile Plans of U.S.N.S. Comet
free ship plans, USNS Comet, deck plans, cargo vessel, ship, C3
Upper deck plans U.S.N.S. Comet
free ship plans, cargo, vessel, lower decks, USNS Comet, C3, ship
Lower deck plans U.S.N.S Comet
free ship plans, USNS Comet, superstructure decks, C3 cargo vessel, ship
Superstructure deck plans U.S.N.S. Comet
free ship pans, USNS Comet, section plans, cargo vessel, C3 ship
Section plans U.S.N.S. Comet
free ship plans, USNS Comet, ships lines, bow, cargo vessel, C3, ship
Ships lines plan, bow, U.S.N.S. Comet
free ship plans, USNS Comet, Cargo vessel, C3 Ship, ships lines, aft
Ships lines plan, aft, U.S.N.S. Comet



U.S.N.S. Comet was recorded by the Historic American Engineering Record under cosponsorship of the U.S. Maritime Administration. HAER Maritime Program Coordinator Todd A. Croteau supervised the project with MARAD historian Barbara Voulgaris. Architect Ashley T. Walker, photographer Jet Lowe, and historian Michael R. Harrison were the recording team.


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