Sailing Vessels

Vessels for which the primary source of propulsion is sails.

Free ship plans, R-boat, Pirate, racing, sailboat, yacht

Racing yacht
R-boat Pirate




Free, Ship, Plan, drawing, Schooner, pilot, New York, New England, 19th Century, sail, vessel

New York Pilot Schooner

free, ship, plan, sail, drawing, schooner, north, hudson, river, new england,, 19th century, sail, vessel, cargo

North River Schooner

free, ship, plan, schooner, sailing, vessel, musquidobit, lynx

Schooner Musquidobit

free, ship, plan, schooner, sailing, vessel, lettie g. howard,

Schooner Lettie G. Howard


Montebello French 120-gun ship

free, ship, plan, Couronne, French, warship, ship-of-the-line, 17th Century, crown

La Couronne French 68-gun ship

sail, plan, steam-powered, fishing, trawler, designed, W.E. Redway

Steam-powered fishing trawler

Free Ship Plans model Italian sailing barquentine

Italian Barquentine Fidente

free, ship, plan, Italian, barque, Erasmo, Erasmus, steel, hull

Italian 4-masted     barque Erasmus

lateen, sail, triangular, square, rigged, sail, ship, vessel

Algerian Xebec       Le Boberach

Free ship plans lumber schooner Wawona historic wooden vessel

Lumber Schooner Wawona









































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