Motor Vessels

Motor Vessels

Vessels for which the primary source of propulsion is an engine:

T2 Tanker Mission San Ynez

Free ship plans, cargo, vessel, T2, T-2, tanker, Mission San Ynez, World War II
T2 Tanker Mission San Ynez

The Mission Santa Ynez is the last surviving example of the thirty-one Mission tankers built by The Marinship Corporation.

Navy Salvage Vessel U.S.S. Bolster

Free ship plans, USS Bolster, ARS-38, U.S. Navy, World War II, salvage,auxiliary, vessel
U.S.S. Bolster

U.S.S. Bolster (ARS-38), now part of the Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet located in Solano County, California, is the last surviving member of her World War II era auxiliary ship class.

French Cargo Vessel Golo

free ship plan, French, cargo, vessel, Golo, merchant marine, World War II, body plan
French cargo vessel Golo

A great example of late inter-war European merchant vessels, Golo was a dry bulk carrier typical of the era.

Fletcher-Class Destroyer USS Capps

Free Ship Plans Fletcher-Class Destroyer USS Capps Spanish Navy Lepanto photo
Fletcher-class destroyer U.S.S. Capps

Built by the scores during World War II, Fletcher-class destroyers earned a reputation as fast, hard-hitting sub-chasers and important parts of the anti-aircraft support for larger warships.

French Cargo Vessel Mekong

Free, ship, plan, French, cargo, vessel, tanker, 20th Century
French Cargo Vessel  Mekong

Built in 1928, the French Petroleum Tanker Mekong was used to transport oil produced in French Indochina (Vietnam) to France.


U.S. Coast Guard Cutter White Sumac

free, ship, plan, coast, guard, cutter, white, sumac, lines, drawing
U.S. Coast Guard cutter White Sumac


The U.S. Coast Guard cutter White Sumac was originally constructed as a yard lighter (YF416) for the United States Navy in 1943. This class of vessel provided logistical support to naval operations during World War II. Following the
War, the Coast Guard acquired eight of these vessels to use as buoy tenders.



19th Century Steam-powered Auxiliary Fishing Trawler

sail, plan, steam-powered, fishing, trawler, designed, W.E. Redway
Sail plan, steam-powered fishing trawler designed by W.E. Redway

These plans, from the University of Washington Freshwater and Marine Image Bank, are of a late 19th Century steam-powered auxiliary fishing trawler of about 80 feet in length, designed by W.E. Redway.




Steam Tug Hercules

Free ship plans utility vessels
Tugboat Hercules

Built in 1907, Hercules is the last steam tug on the West Coast.




U.S. Coast Guard Icebreaker Mackinaw

free ship plan USCG Icebreaker Mackinaw, U.S., Coast Guard
Profile Plans U.S.C.G. Icebreaker Mackinaw



The most powerful icebreaker in the world when she was launched, Mackinaw served more than 60 years on the Great Lakes

USS San Marcos

USS San Marcos, LSD 25,Landing Ship Dock, Casa Grande class, US Navy, Spanish Navy, Galica
USS San Marcos Casa Grande-class LSD


After a 26-year career in the U.S. Navy, the Casa Grande Class Landing Ship Dock USS San Marcos became the Spanish Navy ship Galica.



Liberty Ship Arthur M. Huddell 

Free ship plans, Liberty Ship Arthur M. Huddell
Liberty Ship Arthur M. Huddell


The Arthur M. Huddell is one of three remaining Liberty Ships, of which the U.S. Maritime Commission ordered more than 2,700 during World War II. She was classified as EC2-S-C1.


Le Gladiateur French Net Layer

free ship plans Le Gladiateur French Navy
French Navy net-laying ship Le Gladiateur


Le Gladiateur was built at Arsenal de Lorient. Keel laid 1932, she was launched 10/04/1933. She was scuttled at Toulon 11/27/1942 by her own crew to avoid capture.


U.S.C.G. Cutter Fir

U.S.C.G. cutter Fir free ship plans, USCG, Hollyhock
U.S.C.G. cutter Fir


Designed a National Historic Landmark U.S.C.G. cutter FIR is the last surviving tender built under the U.S. Lighthouse Service.


Victory Ship U.S.S. Gage

Free ship plans, World War II, Victory ship, USS Gage
Victory ship U.S.S. Gage


During World War II, the Maritime Commission oversaw the construction of 414 Victory ships; 117 of these were configured as attack transports. The U.S.S. Gage is the only remaining ship afloat in its original configuration.

Spanish minelayer and torpedo transport

free ship plans Spanish mine torpedo transport
Spanish mine and torpedo transport

A Spanish Navy utility craft used for transport and deployment of mines and transport of torpedoes.



U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Acushnet

u.s. coast guard, cutter, acushnet, uss shackle, world war II, salvage vessel
USCGC Acushnet

U.S. Coast Guard cutter Acushnet began service during World War II as U.S. Navy salvage ship USS Shackle (ARS-9). During her long career with the coast guard, she served as a tug, oceanographic research vessel, and medium-endurance cutter.


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